An early Aeries Academy announcement for AeriesCon attendees

We're excited to announce Aeries Academy will now be free forever! We're making our courses available to everyone at no cost.

When we first released Aeries Academy, our goal was to provide a comprehensive, self-paced training program that would help districts get up and running with Aeries. In our original vision, we thought of it as more of a premium option, and there were fees associated with enrollment that we've generally waived since the COVID-19 pandemic begun. We're making that waiver permanent going forward.

In the time since we launched it, Aeries Academy has become an indispensable resource helping countless people on the path to learning Aeries.  We spend a lot of time and effort making sure the content is informative and comprehensive yet easy to follow, and it's true that comes with a cost. But it's a cost we'd rather bear ourselves, and not pass on to users or districts, if it ultimately means that more users can benefit from the resource.

We hope that this change will help our users get the most out of Aeries SIS and in turn, help their districts exceed expectations.

We'll be formally announcing this news on our blog in the coming days as well, so stay tuned there for more!

- The Aeries Academy Team

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